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Admission to the Elite Class depends on the student's level of fencing, athletic potential, and their personal development & commitment to the sport. Fencers with national competition experience who are fully committed to highly competitive fencing are candidates for the Elite Program. The Head Coach's invitation and approval are required for enrollment in the Elite Class. Fencers in this class train 5 days a week and follow an extensive national and international tournament schedule. Students are 11 years and older.

Please contact us to schedule a personal evaluation with the Head Coach if you are new to Zeta Fencing and interested in enrolling in the Elite Class.

Program Requirements:
- Fencers use their own equipment during individual lessons, practice, and competition.
- 2-3 weekly private lessons
- Regular class attendance
- Combined Advanced Class & Open Bouting attendance highly recommended
- National competition attendance (in consultation with lesson coach)

Class Overview:
- Warm-up, stretching, conditioning
- Footwork & bladework
- Partner drills
- Supervised electric saber fencing

Elite Class Schedule

 Group Class Times:

Monday – Thursday, 7 - 9pm


Open Bouting:

Friday, 7 - 8:30pm


NOTE: Any fencers currently enrolled in NCAA or collegiate club fencing teams may join Open Bouting on Fridays without paying floor fees.



Monthly Class Tuition: $440; ($350 for second family member)

Yearly Zeta Fencing Club Membership: $400; ($200 for second family member)

Family discount
The family discount is available for the lower-priced program for any additional family members. In case of different program fees, the higher-priced program has to be paid in full.

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